Friday, May 20, 2005


Well, it's been 3 weeks already that i've been at the new job.. 3 weeks!! wow, how time flies!
as an update, things are going pretty good so far. learning the ropes a bit, but i was pretty excited to actually start a bit of work this week, so that's good.
Everyone at work is excited about the move to the new location. Up near where dad worked at IBM, on steels, but closer to the 404. the building is a couple years old, but we'll be the first tenants in the building. there's a Tim hortons in the building, and a good life gym. should be exciting.
and the people are really nice, so i'm sure once i've settled a bit more, it should be great. still a little frustrating now, but it will settle, i'm sure.

so, what else is going on with everyone? Jill, what's the news that you got a job at a yarn store?

hope all is well,

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

this week in history

Our TV has lots of special programmes this week in memory of the end of WW II - 60 years ago, offically, I think on May 8. But May 5th is 'Bevrijdingsdag" in Holland ('liberation day'). Not many Canadian veterans are still alive, but those who are still able to, receive a very warm welcome wherever they go.

We plan to visit a military cemetary while we are in Holland, looking especially for the one in which Gary Reitsma's uncle, Gaele Visser, was buried, in Holten. He was 22 years old, killed just TWO days before the end of the war. How sad!

I'm sure what will be the most emotional for us will be to see the ages of the soldiers, so many Edward's age or younger. The Canadians played a very special role in liberating Holland, so that's why there have always been close ties between those two countries. In fact, that's probably what led many of them to immigrate here.

All these trips down memory lane via TV make us appreciate once more the freedoms we in North America enjoy, and how blessed our lives have been compared to our parents' generation who had to go thru' a depression and enemy occupation.

Let's be truly thankful for what we have!

Friday, April 22, 2005

O.K. already!

All right, I'll add something here. I kept waiting for some extra news to add, but there hasn't really been anything yet this week. Paul T had a very encouraging interview on Wednesday, but still hasn't had the definite job offer that the guy promised to give him. That's been stressful, especially for Paul & Janine.

We did reach a milestone today though: Edward wrote his final exam at Durham College - at least we're hoping he has passed them all so that we can say he's finished his formal education. He hasn't gotten his required co-op hours, and without that he can't get his diploma, but we're thinking the end is in sight. What's next for him? - only God knows, we're sure there's a place for him somewhere in the adult workin' world. I think he's had enough of the school thing. Of course we all know that all of life is a continuing education, and that is exciting too.

We're making more plans for our trip to Holland - only 5 weeeks from today. We've reserved a car, have a few places to stay, making a list of places we want to visit, picked up a road map at CAA... we're looking forward to it. Paul & Jill: maybe you can give us a few things to see/do in Delft. That's definitely on our list. What day is market day there? I also would like to experience a cheese market, so the internet will guide us with those choices.

O.K. - enough 'blogging'!


What's going on??!?

Hey!!! How come nobody else is posting any news?????

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Well, as it seems like nobody else is posting anything, i'll make another post!

So, i gave my official notice of resignation yesterday. I"m a little scared and hope i'm doing the right thing... although, i'm quite sure that i am. Also, I probably did this in the wrong order, but i am still waiting to hear back that the reference check was okay, that' the only thing the offer was conditional on. although, i know who i put down for references, so i'm sure (99.9%) that it was okay. that 0.1% is still scaring me a little though. but, i didn't want to give less than 2 weeks notice.

so, thus starts another chapter of my 'career', if i can call it that still being only 25. I'm nervous as it sounds like harder and more work - but i guess that's what i'm looking for, right?!? yikes, i'm still a little nervous - but also very excitect b/c it sounds like a much better opportunity for growth and challenging work.

Other than that - i'm doing a horrible job of pakcing if i'm supposed to be moving this saturday!! yikes... we'll see how that goes. maybe i should be more worried...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

the job sega

Well, for those of you who don't know (okay, but that I mean Paul & Jill), I went on a job interview yesterday with HSBC for a credit risk analyst position. I'm still very excited about it, i think the interview went pretty well - so now i guess it's just waiting to see if i make it for a second interview.

Also, today at lunch i met with a recruter in my feild, which was also an interesting expereince. sounds like they have some leads with RBC, as well as Rogers Wireless, which would both be interesting, i think.

Don't know what to think of it all. the thought of starting something new is kind of scary, but the thought of starting something new is also very exciting!! Also, the frustrations of being at the current job are beginning to be way too much. So, hopefuly a better opportunity will pop up :)

I realize i'm in a good situation right now, and that i'm looking when i still have a job, so i guess i can be a bit picky and not jump into something just to get away from the current job (although, there's many a day when i would rather be just about anywhere else than here!!!)

So, that's my update there.

Other than that - I think the needles that got stuck all over my face and in my ears yesterday night helped. i didn't have a headache all day, which has made the afternoon go by much better than usual :)

Yet another busy weekend

We had another crazy weekend. On Saturday, we were hit with a surprise snowstorm (talk about a belated April Fools' joke!), but we had stuff to do -- no time to slow down for a snowstorm! Since Paul once again heads to the Netherlands this week, he needed to prepare for the trip, so that's what we did. We got him some new black pants and a couple of ties -- so he can look all schnazzy and important. And he got a haircut, which turned out to be more of a disaster than anything else (we then spent an hour at home trying to fix it).

We also went out and made a big homeowner purchase. We bought a lawnmower.

As for the freak snowstorm, it was over by Saturday night, and then it all melted again. Most of the flowers seem to have survived -- since more and more are popping up every day (I just saw something pink in the front yard this morning -- and we've got daffodils in the back). And the weather is definitely back to normal. It was in the upper 60s yesterday (say, about 19C or so), and it's supposed to be back to 75 today (that's 24C).

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, it's light out until at least 8 now, so we can go for a nice long walk after work and still have dinner before the sun sets. Now we just need to get some patio furniture -- so we can have dinner on the deck.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

First time for Everything

Today was a 'first' for me... I had my first freezing by a dentist. Apparently I had a cavitiy in a back molar that has progressed so quickly, it even requires a root canal. And because that procedure gotten so much bad publicity, you KNOW I'm not looking forward to April 15th when I have my appointment for that. But the dentist assured me that, since I'd had no pain in that tooth, I should not have pain. We'll see if she's correct about that prediction. But, I guess after 57 years, it's about time I joined the 'real world' and had something like this done.

And, on a scale of bad things that can happen, I'm sure having a few new cavities is not high on the list.

It's been traumatic - but I'll get through it, I'm sure!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Thanks! :)

Thanks for sending the videos yesterday! It was great to see everyone -- if only in pixels.

We had a pretty quiet Easter (though it was a welcome break from the usual insanity). We didn't do our Easter grocery shopping until Saturday night, which meant that there were a few things that were completely out of stock -- so we had to improvise a bit. After church, we put our 12-lb. (!!) ham in the oven ( was the smallest one left on Saturday night). Then we went for a walk to the park by the middle school down the street. When we got back, we finished dinner (green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes -- complete with fresh-grown chives, rolls, and a cake). Once the ham was ready (three hours later...), we ate (and ate). Then we watched a long movie (the second Harry Potter) while munching on chocolate Easter bunnies, and that was about it. Lots of relaxing.

Saturday was a busier day. We spent quality time at Lowe's, shopping for yard stuff. Paul dug up the wood chips in the place where the trampoline used to be and planted some grass seed. It's only the first in a long line of yard projects coming up, but it was also the most important one. The grass should start growing in a couple of weeks, though Paul is convinced that they're special seeds that he planted, so it should be sprouting any day now... ;)