Monday, January 24, 2005

house lookin' mishap

So, funny story. While driving back from Guelph on sunday afternoon, Steve and I decided to drive down to the lake, and drive home through Burlington & Oakville (on the list.. it's down to burlington/oakville and newmarket/aurora i think) and stopped at a couple open houses that we drove past the signs of. Just minutes from a resonable house we stopped at, we saw another open house sign, and decided to stop by. well, we knew driving up to the place it was a little out of range, but decided to stop in anyways. well, when we got in and the agent said it was going for a cool 1.3 MILLION!!! steve couldn't hold in a laugh, realizing just how out of the league it was!! oh well, it was nice to see how 'the other side' lives. I think the laundry room was decorated nicer than my room!

Other than that, saturday night was fun. Spending time with the guelph friends before Andrea heads to Australia for 11 months. It will be sad that she's gone for so long. Her place was always the 'home base' for guelph get togethers. Her parents claim we're all still alowed to come over for the weekend, but i'm not sure if they're serious or not....


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