Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I took a few movies out of the library on Monday... both recommended by the editor of Nights and :) " Girl with a Pearl Earring", and "Calendar Girls". I enjoyed them both, but thought the Calendar Girls one was especially good - I can identify with the middle-aged and older ladies! Not that I would ever be posing for their calendar!

It was so unusual for us to be watching a movie on a week night, but I'd looked for these in the library before, and they were never in.


Blogger kdk said...

Suzanne and I watched Girl with a Pearl Earring while the guys were working on another one of those projects that would just take "a half hour." :) We bought it because it takes place in Delft. It always makes me happy to see the square.

And Calendar Girls -- I loved that one. It's a good weeknight movie -- light and fun and cheery.

We actually go to a movie every Tuesday now -- ever since we found the cheap theater, where we can both see a movie on Tuesday night for $1 (every other night, it's a whopping $1.50 each). The crowd is sometimes a bit sketchy, but it's good cheap entertainment -- and if we don't like the movie, we don't have to be upset about spending a whole $16 on it.

We also finally got our library cards. The library in Worthington isn't as big as the one in Andover, but it's really nice -- and the movies are free again. :) They also belong to the whole Colubmus library network, so we can reserve anything we want. I'm once again swimming in knitting books and obscure DVDs for my column...

January 20, 2005 at 9:03 AM  

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