Friday, February 25, 2005


Well, as it turns out the family that was looking to rent the place we're in now had really horrible credit. So, the landlord gave them the option to find a co-signer, but they couldnt' find anyone... so, now the place will shown and stuff again, looking for someone to take over the lease. If he doesnt' find anyone for april 1st, we will be there till the end of the lease, at the end of april. Will just be annoying to be showing the place, keeping it neat, having people come through, etc. Just like when i was over at Janine & Paul's monday and 4 people came through.. just makes you feel akward being in your own space. oh well, guess that's how it goes!
steve and i are out looking at places again this saturday. this time it's out in mississauga. but not in the icky parts of missy, the newer areas, closer to brampton (quite a few we're looking at are just south-east of where the 407 crosses the 401... convient)
Other than that, it's pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Looking forward to a busy weekend: tonight going out to celebrate with my friend Amory, who has finaly got a job teaching. she's been done with teachers college for almost 2 years, and was getting frustrated without finding a permanent placement. And then saturday night going out with the Keber twins for thier birthday. and sunday night going to an oscar party. I even need to bring a snacky food with a 'oscar nominated theme'. some suggestions i was given:
Million Dollar Cheesecake, or Sangria full of Grapes, The Passion of the Tripe, Sideways Upside-Down Cake. I might try the sangria one, although i havn't seend the movie (Maria full of Grace) I suggested eyeball soup, from the skrek movie, but i'm not sure where i'd find the ingredients :)


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