Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sick day...

well, i took today off as a sick day. After visiting my sister J9 and her telling me the white sores at the back of my throat were 'eew gross!' she nicely offered to wait with me as i got them checked out last night. not sure exactly what is wrong (they were supposed to call me today) i decided that i was a good reason to take a day off work. It is a slow week since most of the B2B marketing group is off, as well as my manager (guess i'm not making a very good intern-manager, ey?) but not it's almost 6pm and i've done next to nothing all day. there goes my plan of doign stuff around the house.. oh well, guess it'll have to wait till my next sick day! :o)

nothing else new to report. other than on my day off, i was searching the internet for my new cottage :o) well, i guess a house is the first step, but after than..cottage!! you know you can buy a few acres of waterfront land in muskoka for like 30k?? hum, it would be like 'hey,should we buy a new car, or 3 acres of waterfront land??" that's how andrea's parents did it. bought land up in tobermorry when they were little, and they tented it for a while, untill they slowly built up the cottage. now it's absolutly goregous and it's where they plan to retire.

well, back to being sick. :o)


Blogger kdk said...

$30k? That's not bad at all! Then again, Paul and I always figured we'd wait until we could afford our own island -- and the helicopter to take us there. ;)

But maybe we could split an island. Wanna split an island with us? We could probably get one for $60k, don't you think? Then we could throw in the extra $300 for a row boat... :)

Hope you feel better soon!

February 2, 2005 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

You know, i used to always think it would be great to have a island cottage too! but then when i started thinking about it, it would sort of be a drag! i mean, if you have friends visiting (and that's what cottages are great for!) you'd have to know exactly when they're coming so you could go pick them up.. and then you couldn't have beers all afternoon, b/c you'd have to drive the boat to go pick them up, and then you couldn't just 'pop' into town to get a few groceries in the middle of the day... yish, so much work!

I think we need to convince mom & dad (mom, you reading this?!!?!) to buy a peice of land big enough we can all have a cottage on it. 5 acres would do it.... 1 acre each/per couple. FAAAAANTAAAASTIIIC!!!

February 2, 2005 at 4:30 PM  

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