Friday, February 18, 2005

A week in the life of...

had some exciting news this week at work. well, a couple things actually. One thing is that they're going to be posting the job for my new co-worker soon. It's finally come very near the end of the disipline for my current co-worker, and they are trying hard to find him a job that suits his skills a bit better than this job. so, there might even be overlap between the new person and him, which will make the transition easier.
Also, after finding out that Penny was leaving, i also found out that another coo-worker, the new zealander who sits next to me is leaving as well, and also a manager from the financial modeling group.. geez, when it rains it pours, ey? But it also means good news for me, since the combination of that and me mentioning a job downtown i was thinking of applying for (a team lead role) has got them thinking of ways to keep me. So, i've just raised a job level and will be receiving a raise and new job title soon (sr analyst probably) and there's talk of me getting into the banks 16month Management and Leadership program in '06, which i'm pretty excited about. that would be really good training and experience to have.
So, i guess working through all of the frustrations lately have got me into a good place now. so, thanks for all who have heard my bitching and complaining about work, hopefuly it will calm down a bit now. not gone compleately i'm sure, but calm down :)

oh in other news, i cut off most of my hair yesterday.. well, okay not most, but alot it feels! it's still long-ish, but i got a few inches cut off. it actually feels heathly again. :)

well, that's about it. steve and i are looking at houses again with mrs keber again on saturday. still not sure how close we actually are, but looking is exciting. we went out with a few of FF friends last night and found out one of his friends commutes from burlington (takes about an hour) so maybe we'll be moving there afterall... ah, decisions!

okay, guess i should start working harder since they're pay'n me more!


Blogger kdk said...

Wow! Congratulations Suzanne! Sometimes a little bit of patience pays off in the end. You definitely deserve it!


February 18, 2005 at 9:10 AM  

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