Thursday, February 10, 2005


So, we took advantage of the winterlicious dinner deal last night. 3 course dinner for a set price thing. It was pretty fun. we went to Jump restuarant, down at the commerce court center. I'd have to say though, it was okay for the $30 we spent, but looking at the regular price menu, it was pretty ridculous! our meal probably would have cost over $55 each if we had got the same things.. yikes! but, it is fun to go out somewhere you usualy wouldn't.. i guess that's the point of these deals, ey? and the food was yummy. it's too bad the weather was so bad last night, it would have fun to walk around downtown for a bit... see all the sparkly lights, and all of that. :o)

On the job front - wendy found out that position i was thinking of applying for would be the leader of a group of 8!! here i was thinking 2 or 3, like how it is set up here.. but 8!! now i'm not sure if i'm glad i didn't apply, b/c that would be overwhelming, or not glad b/c it would have been great expereince.

anyways, back to work....


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