Thursday, March 31, 2005

First time for Everything

Today was a 'first' for me... I had my first freezing by a dentist. Apparently I had a cavitiy in a back molar that has progressed so quickly, it even requires a root canal. And because that procedure gotten so much bad publicity, you KNOW I'm not looking forward to April 15th when I have my appointment for that. But the dentist assured me that, since I'd had no pain in that tooth, I should not have pain. We'll see if she's correct about that prediction. But, I guess after 57 years, it's about time I joined the 'real world' and had something like this done.

And, on a scale of bad things that can happen, I'm sure having a few new cavities is not high on the list.

It's been traumatic - but I'll get through it, I'm sure!


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