Friday, April 22, 2005

O.K. already!

All right, I'll add something here. I kept waiting for some extra news to add, but there hasn't really been anything yet this week. Paul T had a very encouraging interview on Wednesday, but still hasn't had the definite job offer that the guy promised to give him. That's been stressful, especially for Paul & Janine.

We did reach a milestone today though: Edward wrote his final exam at Durham College - at least we're hoping he has passed them all so that we can say he's finished his formal education. He hasn't gotten his required co-op hours, and without that he can't get his diploma, but we're thinking the end is in sight. What's next for him? - only God knows, we're sure there's a place for him somewhere in the adult workin' world. I think he's had enough of the school thing. Of course we all know that all of life is a continuing education, and that is exciting too.

We're making more plans for our trip to Holland - only 5 weeeks from today. We've reserved a car, have a few places to stay, making a list of places we want to visit, picked up a road map at CAA... we're looking forward to it. Paul & Jill: maybe you can give us a few things to see/do in Delft. That's definitely on our list. What day is market day there? I also would like to experience a cheese market, so the internet will guide us with those choices.

O.K. - enough 'blogging'!



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