Wednesday, May 04, 2005

this week in history

Our TV has lots of special programmes this week in memory of the end of WW II - 60 years ago, offically, I think on May 8. But May 5th is 'Bevrijdingsdag" in Holland ('liberation day'). Not many Canadian veterans are still alive, but those who are still able to, receive a very warm welcome wherever they go.

We plan to visit a military cemetary while we are in Holland, looking especially for the one in which Gary Reitsma's uncle, Gaele Visser, was buried, in Holten. He was 22 years old, killed just TWO days before the end of the war. How sad!

I'm sure what will be the most emotional for us will be to see the ages of the soldiers, so many Edward's age or younger. The Canadians played a very special role in liberating Holland, so that's why there have always been close ties between those two countries. In fact, that's probably what led many of them to immigrate here.

All these trips down memory lane via TV make us appreciate once more the freedoms we in North America enjoy, and how blessed our lives have been compared to our parents' generation who had to go thru' a depression and enemy occupation.

Let's be truly thankful for what we have!


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