Monday, January 31, 2005

Another busy weekend...

We had yet another busy weekend... On Friday, we decided to grab dinner at White Castle (we ordered the 10-pack of burgers with fries and chicken rings) before going to our favorite cheap theater to see Alexander. Whatever you do, don't see it. It was long and boring, and people in the theater got pretty restless a couple of hours in. Some even left.

On Saturday, we spent much of the day attempting to figure out how to arrange the furniture in the living room. We may just have something now, but we still don't have a TV up there -- though the cable guy is supposed to come on Thursday, so we'll see if he can fix it. Then we ran out to get some groceries (we also went to Old Navy, so I could do some last-minute party-clothes shopping).

The company party was on Saturday night. It was out in the middle of nowhere -- in farm country. And the building itself wasn't a lot nicer than your standard cafeteria. I kept thinking that the people in Andover would have had a cow had they seen it -- it was nowhere near classy enough for Bostonians. The party was fun, though -- and it was great to meet Paul's coworkers. I got to meet a lot of people -- and they were all so totally welcoming. When we were about to leave, Paul decided to stop in the bathroom, and all kinds of people came up to me to say hello -- even people that Paul had never met! After the party, we went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for a drink and some trivia with Arjen, one of the guys from Delft, who's visiting for a few weeks.

Yesterday we did a little more gym research. There's one gym in the area that has great membership prices -- and they've got something like 7 gyms in the area -- but we've visited two of them, and we just don't like them (the one closest to us is actually in a deserted mall!). So despite the price, we've decided against it. Now we just have to figure out what to do about Bally's. We have our free membership through March 15, but they have a membership special going on through today. It's a great gym -- but it's a long drive.

We also did some furniture shopping. We still need tables and an entertainment center in the living room, and we started looking yesterday. Nothing yet, though -- it may be a while before we get totally settled in...

Still no car, either. We had a chance at two on Friday, but we still didn't get anything. We've been told that there's a Honda auction tomorrow, though, so we've got a good chance again tomorrow. The wait is getting a little frustrating...


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