Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New "Bloggie"

Mom has reminded me that I haven't added anything yet - so here it goes!

I heading out to the clinic soon - I don't have many patients booked, and it's not too cold outside, so I'll probably spend my afternoon in a local neighbourhood putting flyers in the mailboxes - I've got a few new patients that way, plus it's a nice walk.

In the winter I go kind of crazy making soup all the time-- Paul tells me that soup on it's own is not a meal :) - but add a grilled cheese sandwich and you're laughing. Today I tried a new Southwestern style black bean soup - yummy! (email me if you want the recipe - it calls for chipotle peppers, which I've never used before, and I actually added a bit much, so the soup is a bit hot hot).

Okay, time to start getting ready for work



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