Thursday, March 31, 2005

First time for Everything

Today was a 'first' for me... I had my first freezing by a dentist. Apparently I had a cavitiy in a back molar that has progressed so quickly, it even requires a root canal. And because that procedure gotten so much bad publicity, you KNOW I'm not looking forward to April 15th when I have my appointment for that. But the dentist assured me that, since I'd had no pain in that tooth, I should not have pain. We'll see if she's correct about that prediction. But, I guess after 57 years, it's about time I joined the 'real world' and had something like this done.

And, on a scale of bad things that can happen, I'm sure having a few new cavities is not high on the list.

It's been traumatic - but I'll get through it, I'm sure!

Monday, March 28, 2005

Thanks! :)

Thanks for sending the videos yesterday! It was great to see everyone -- if only in pixels.

We had a pretty quiet Easter (though it was a welcome break from the usual insanity). We didn't do our Easter grocery shopping until Saturday night, which meant that there were a few things that were completely out of stock -- so we had to improvise a bit. After church, we put our 12-lb. (!!) ham in the oven ( was the smallest one left on Saturday night). Then we went for a walk to the park by the middle school down the street. When we got back, we finished dinner (green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes -- complete with fresh-grown chives, rolls, and a cake). Once the ham was ready (three hours later...), we ate (and ate). Then we watched a long movie (the second Harry Potter) while munching on chocolate Easter bunnies, and that was about it. Lots of relaxing.

Saturday was a busier day. We spent quality time at Lowe's, shopping for yard stuff. Paul dug up the wood chips in the place where the trampoline used to be and planted some grass seed. It's only the first in a long line of yard projects coming up, but it was also the most important one. The grass should start growing in a couple of weeks, though Paul is convinced that they're special seeds that he planted, so it should be sprouting any day now... ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Winds of Change

We can see that things will soon be changing in this house. Slowly but surely, Janine & Paul are getting ready to settle into our basement. On Friday Suzanne plans to take out any 'stuff' she left behind down there, and Saturday will be the big moving day.

Time will tell how all this works out - it's a good thing we have such a large house - plenty of room for more bodies. So we're optimistic we won't get into each other's hair. And this time of year means more outdoor time, so that's also a plus.

We are getting Rogers folk in this afternoon to get proper Internet access set up for them - their computer will be down in the room that was originally the computer room, a few years ago.

I'd like to wish everyone a very Blessed Easter weekend. May the true meaning of Christ's death and the JOY of His resurrection fill our hearts once again.

Christ has risen - He has risen indeed!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Getting a jump on spring...

Technically, Sunday is the first day of spring -- but we seem to have started early. I first saw the little sprouts in our yard when my parents were here three weeks ago -- and now look what we've got! I noticed that the lavender ones had opened yesterday, and I went outside to do some reading on the deck this afternoon, and I saw the purple ones. I, of course, have no clue what they are, but I'm excited. :)

And more flowers! Posted by Hello

Flowers! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is it Wednesday already??

It's been a crazy few days since we got home. After battling insane crowds in the Phoenix airport on Saturday (it was the beginning of Spring Break -- something we no longer know anything about -- and it meant we had to wait in line for over an hour, rush through security, and run to our gate, where they had to unlock the door to let us on the plane at the last minute), we arrived in Columbus on Saturday evening, only to be informed that our luggage would not be joining us. They said we'd get it by noon on Sunday -- unless we wanted to come back at 11 and pick it up. So we waited on Sunday...and we waited. And we finally got our stuff at 3:30. After the whole trip, I think we've decided that we won't be flying America West again anytime soon. I've never had so many things go wrong on one single trip.

Since we got back, we've been a little jet-lagged (we were getting up at 10 or so when we were in Vegas, which is 1 pm here -- and we never really ate until around 2, which is almost dinner time here). And we've been rushing to get caught up on all the stuff we missed. Paul is still trying to hire two new people at work (one of his employees had his last day last week, and another is gone after the end of the month). And I've been hit with my own crises this week. We've had some long work days already this week...

We had a great time on our trip, though. Sedona and the Grand Canyon were gorgeous (though that was a *really* long day -- we left at around 8:30, were in Sedona by around 10:30, made it to the Canyon around 3:30, and got to Vegas at 11 -- or 10 Vegas time). And Vegas was wonderful. We spent a ton of time wandering around, just *seeing* everything. I hadn't been there in about six years, and that's an eternity in Vegas time, so there was so much new stuff to see. And it was hot and sunny (85!), so we got to spend some time hanging out by the pool. Paul got to be one of the first people ever to go on a new ride at the Stratosphere. And I put a buck into the penny slot machines one night and ended up winning dinner. So it was a good trip all around. :)

So that's our latest... But for now, it's back to the grind...

Friday, March 11, 2005

Hello from the Island


Well, we're on day #2 here in BC, and i'm feeling a little spoiled :) We got in okay on wednesday night, after a close call of being on a flight that was delayed 2 hours. With our original tickets we had a stop over in calgary, and that was the flight that was delayed for 2 hrs, which means we would have missed our connector flight to vancouver. luckly though, they automaticaly switched us over to a direct flight, and we actualy got there sooner than origianly planned.

Steve's friend Nicole picked us up from the airport and drove us over to her place were we're staying. she's out of downtown vancouver a bit, but about 2 blocks from the water, and right across the water is dowtown vancouver. the area she's in reminds me a lot of the beaches area of toronto - very nice old houses, right by the inlet with a great walking path all the way to teh bridges over to vancouver.

yesterday we spent the day walking around a bit since it was such a great day! lots of sunshine and great warm weather (what is it there back in TO?? -20 or something...) we then met up with steve's uncle and cousin, and we headed off to the ferry to head to the island. a bit of a glitch in the plan though, we were there at 3:00, and missed the 5:00 ferry by 7 cars. we hear there was problems earlier in the day or something, so that's why it was so full. so, had to wait for the 7:00 ferry, and then a 1hr, 40min ferry to the island, and finally arrived at thier place around 9pm.. whoa, what a journey!! ordered pizza, hung out for a bit, and then it was off to sleep.

now it's still morning and we're just finishing off our coffee's and borrowing a car and heading off to victoria, which is about 30 min away. then, the plan is to catch the ferry back in daylight, so we can enjoy the ride, and explore vancouver a bit more before we have to head back to the cold sunday night.

Hope all is well at home.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello from Arizona!

Hey fam!

It's 10:30 Arizona time, and we're both just about ready to crash. We've had a couple of exhausting -- but fun -- days so far. Yesterday, we went into Phoenix and wandered around an Indian Art Fair and Market at the Hearst Museum. And today we went to Scottsdale -- the rich suburbs of Phoenix -- to buy cheap souvenirs and enjoy the quaintness of it all. Then we headed back toward the city to check out the Desert Botanical Gardens (lots and lots of cacti!) and climb some rocks. Now we're doing a little bit of laundry before collapsing again.

We were supposed to have dinner with my mom's cousin Jayne and her family -- and Mom's Uncle Gord -- but Jayne's had the flu all week. She's been running a fever of 104! I talked to her today, and she's starting to feel better, so we're hoping to see her when we're back in Phoenix on Friday night.

But tomorrow, we're heading out early. We've got a long day ahead of us. We want to check out Sedona -- one of my brother Kurt's favorite places -- before moving on to the Grand Canyon. Then we'll be checking in to our hotel in Vegas at night. Should be another tiring -- but exciting -- day.

So that's our trip so far. Hope you're all doing well back in the cold and snow (actually, it hasn't been *that hot* here, though we have been wearing short sleeves, which is really nice...)

Until the next installment (if we have access again once we get to Vegas...)


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Home alone

Famous last words... As Paul was doing his finally packing yesterday afternoon, I looked at his ragged suitcase -- the one that's been everywhere in the last four years...the one that can't really zip all that well anymore -- and I said, "We should have gotten new luggage..."

I dropped Paul off at the airport shortly after 4. The weather was horrible on the drive back -- accidents everywhere...and for a moment there, I regretted not holding out for 4WD.

The flight was supposed to arrive in Phoenix at 7:30 (9:30 our time). Paul called at 11 -- and he was just getting to the shuttle stop at the airport. It had been quite a day for Paul. First, the flight didn't leave on time because the plane needed de-icing, and there was a long line-up. When they arrived in Phoenix, they asked those who were staying in Phoenix to let everyone else off first, so they could catch their connecting flights. Then, when Paul made it to the baggage claim, he ended up with a baggage carousel full of his clothes. Apparently, they had inspected his bag, and they didn't really zip it back up -- which eventually led to the total dumping-out of all of his possessions. Fortunately, we watch Airline from time to time, so Paul knew to go to the customer service desk -- and they ended up giving him a new suitcase. Then he shuffled his way out to the shuttle to his hotel, where he called me. Poor guy. But at least he made it.

We had quite the storm last night. And in the middle of it (on the way home from the airport), I went to Old Navy to try on some shorts and capris. It felt pretty strange to hang up my heavy winter coat in the fitting room while trying on shorts... But my plane leaves on Friday afternoon, and it's 75 in Phoenix...