Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello from Arizona!

Hey fam!

It's 10:30 Arizona time, and we're both just about ready to crash. We've had a couple of exhausting -- but fun -- days so far. Yesterday, we went into Phoenix and wandered around an Indian Art Fair and Market at the Hearst Museum. And today we went to Scottsdale -- the rich suburbs of Phoenix -- to buy cheap souvenirs and enjoy the quaintness of it all. Then we headed back toward the city to check out the Desert Botanical Gardens (lots and lots of cacti!) and climb some rocks. Now we're doing a little bit of laundry before collapsing again.

We were supposed to have dinner with my mom's cousin Jayne and her family -- and Mom's Uncle Gord -- but Jayne's had the flu all week. She's been running a fever of 104! I talked to her today, and she's starting to feel better, so we're hoping to see her when we're back in Phoenix on Friday night.

But tomorrow, we're heading out early. We've got a long day ahead of us. We want to check out Sedona -- one of my brother Kurt's favorite places -- before moving on to the Grand Canyon. Then we'll be checking in to our hotel in Vegas at night. Should be another tiring -- but exciting -- day.

So that's our trip so far. Hope you're all doing well back in the cold and snow (actually, it hasn't been *that hot* here, though we have been wearing short sleeves, which is really nice...)

Until the next installment (if we have access again once we get to Vegas...)



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