Monday, February 28, 2005

new experiences

Today I had a few brand new experiences. I spent the day in the new Brooklin office, where I was able to assist the regular tech in doing real patients with the CR (computerized radiography). She was thankful for the extra support, and it was true that 'two heads are better than one'. I think by the end of the day we had figured out a better work-flow, so the patient is not on the table any longer than the old way. Within 30 seconds, we can view the images and be able to allow the patients to leave. Even tho' there are a few stresses with learning all this new stuff, I still think it's an exciting change in the profession.

And then on my way home I stopped at Janine's office and got needled. Yes, she used me as a guinea pig, just as she threatened to do. But I was perfectly willing to try. She put about 4 needles into my one foot that's been sore. I could feel extra heat going into it while the needles were in it (about 20 min). I'm trying to stall the progress of arthritis in that foot, so anything is worth the effort. I'm thinking she will always be walking around with some of those needles in her purse, and will stick them into anyone whose willing to sit still long enough. And it didn't hurt at all - believe me!

It looks like we're going to have another snow storm for the next day or so - maybe it's time to hibernate. At least I'm not scheduled to work tomorrow!

BC Bound

Well, I justed booked a flight to BC for next weekend! yeah, very exciting. Steve and I have been talking about heading out there for a while. and when he talked to his friend the other day about when would be good to visit, it was either this weekend or about 3 months from now the way the scheduals worked out. We'll be staying at his friends place, so that will make the trip more affordable and give us a home base to explore from.
guess that's my exciting news for now. We looked at places again on the weekend in mississauga, and are actually looking at one of them again tomorrow. we'll see though. there were 2 that were practicaly the same (cookie cutter neighbourhood ) and the one we liked more already has an offer on it, so it might be decided that we'll wait for something else, i'm not sure.
also looking forward to being a test dummie for the actupuncture thing.. i've been wanting to try it and see what it's all about... janine, did you learn injured shoulders and knees yet??

Friday, February 25, 2005


I started my acupuncture course today - and I love it! The class is taught in a very contemporary manner - i.e. minimal emphisis on traditional chinese medicine, with the focus instead on the anatomy, neurology, and endocrine system - the various goals are to decrease pain, increase blood flow to an area, and influence the level of secretions (e.g. hormones and blood-borne chemical regulators)...but enough about the technical details. We even had a chance today start using the needles - both with a partner, and also on ourselves. Here's my warning - I'm going to be looking for guinea pigs to practice on, and I figure that anyone who is slow moving will be fair game.

There's about 50 people taking the course - quite a few chiros, a few medical doctors (from New Jersey!), massage therapists, physiotherapists...I saw a couple of people that I knew from school, so we'll be car-pooling to Hamilton together (@McMaster University)

The course will run for 5 weekends between now and June, at which point I will be fully certified to start using it on patients. Talking about patients - I started working in Courtice last week, and it is definitely much busier than the clinic in Whitby (I saw 11 patients on Thursday). Dr. Hadden has been supportive, but has also given me space to do my own thing.



Well, as it turns out the family that was looking to rent the place we're in now had really horrible credit. So, the landlord gave them the option to find a co-signer, but they couldnt' find anyone... so, now the place will shown and stuff again, looking for someone to take over the lease. If he doesnt' find anyone for april 1st, we will be there till the end of the lease, at the end of april. Will just be annoying to be showing the place, keeping it neat, having people come through, etc. Just like when i was over at Janine & Paul's monday and 4 people came through.. just makes you feel akward being in your own space. oh well, guess that's how it goes!
steve and i are out looking at places again this saturday. this time it's out in mississauga. but not in the icky parts of missy, the newer areas, closer to brampton (quite a few we're looking at are just south-east of where the 407 crosses the 401... convient)
Other than that, it's pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Looking forward to a busy weekend: tonight going out to celebrate with my friend Amory, who has finaly got a job teaching. she's been done with teachers college for almost 2 years, and was getting frustrated without finding a permanent placement. And then saturday night going out with the Keber twins for thier birthday. and sunday night going to an oscar party. I even need to bring a snacky food with a 'oscar nominated theme'. some suggestions i was given:
Million Dollar Cheesecake, or Sangria full of Grapes, The Passion of the Tripe, Sideways Upside-Down Cake. I might try the sangria one, although i havn't seend the movie (Maria full of Grace) I suggested eyeball soup, from the skrek movie, but i'm not sure where i'd find the ingredients :)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Jill's new car

As Jill said, we got the new CRV last week! Over this past weekend Jill's parents were in town and her dad and I cleaned and polished the car inside and out. After that Jill hopped in and took us all for a tour. :)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Almost there...

Mom passed this picture on for me to post. Here he is -- the almost-graduate. Just a few more weeks -- congrats, Ed. :)

Ed takes his place on the Kramer Hutch of Fame Posted by Hello

Move over Lumina...

...there's a new car in the garage!

We finally got the CR-V last night. Andy, our hyperactive dealer, who's definitely in need of a good dose of ritalin, showed up at around 7. There was one slight glitch -- remember those key fobs he didn't have? Well, that's because the car never had them (who would think that a car made in 2003 wouldn't have a remote lock system??). So we still don't have those, but we will -- Andy says he'll get his dealer's price and split the difference with us. Other than that, though, everything has been signed over, and the car is ours. And I checked this morning. It's still in the garage. It's real.

Pictures to come...

A week in the life of...

had some exciting news this week at work. well, a couple things actually. One thing is that they're going to be posting the job for my new co-worker soon. It's finally come very near the end of the disipline for my current co-worker, and they are trying hard to find him a job that suits his skills a bit better than this job. so, there might even be overlap between the new person and him, which will make the transition easier.
Also, after finding out that Penny was leaving, i also found out that another coo-worker, the new zealander who sits next to me is leaving as well, and also a manager from the financial modeling group.. geez, when it rains it pours, ey? But it also means good news for me, since the combination of that and me mentioning a job downtown i was thinking of applying for (a team lead role) has got them thinking of ways to keep me. So, i've just raised a job level and will be receiving a raise and new job title soon (sr analyst probably) and there's talk of me getting into the banks 16month Management and Leadership program in '06, which i'm pretty excited about. that would be really good training and experience to have.
So, i guess working through all of the frustrations lately have got me into a good place now. so, thanks for all who have heard my bitching and complaining about work, hopefuly it will calm down a bit now. not gone compleately i'm sure, but calm down :)

oh in other news, i cut off most of my hair yesterday.. well, okay not most, but alot it feels! it's still long-ish, but i got a few inches cut off. it actually feels heathly again. :)

well, that's about it. steve and i are looking at houses again with mrs keber again on saturday. still not sure how close we actually are, but looking is exciting. we went out with a few of FF friends last night and found out one of his friends commutes from burlington (takes about an hour) so maybe we'll be moving there afterall... ah, decisions!

okay, guess i should start working harder since they're pay'n me more!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Trouble in car land

We were supposed to get our new car last night, but that didn't end up happening. Talk about frustrating! Paul called in the afternoon to say that he'd talked to Andy, the guy we're getting the car from, and Andy said that he still didn't have the extra key, two key fobs, and owner's manual he'd promised (right now, it's got just one key and no manual). So we decided to wait. As Paul said, if Andy's still got the car sitting there, it'll put a little extra pressure on him to get it done.

In the end, though, we wouldn't have gotten the car even if we'd decided to go ahead with it. Paul left work early to get the loan stuff taken care of, and it turned out that the woman we've been working with went home sick. She left the paperwork with someone else, but Paul discovered that some of the details were wrong -- and the guy at the bank wasn't authorized to make the changes. So we got hit with a double-whammy yesterday.

Meanwhile, at home, I went out over lunch to clean my stuff out of the Lumina. I was in the middle of the task when I noticed that the interior light wasn't coming on. I tried a few other things and concluded that the battery was dead. So we had to charge it last night. Paul tried to drive it around the block -- and ended up walking halfway after the car died mid-block. So we've been trying to charge it, but nothing seems to be working -- it's not keeping a charge. So how we're going to get it charged enough to drive it into the city on Thursday and get our trade-in out of it, we're still not quite sure... Keep your fingers crossed for us.

This Old Dog

Well, this old dog is finally learning the new tricks I told you about when I first started this job in November. I spent the last 2 days in our Brooklin office, practicing the CR system: Computerized Radiography. Because the whole part of it isn't set up yet, we only learned the basics, and it will be another 2 weeks before we go 'live'. It's still a learning curve. But I think we'll catch on. The poor tech who works there is alone (with a very computer-literate receptionist: that helps!), so she's really looking for support in this endeavor. I'm hoping that we (the other part-time tech and I) will be going up there to learn it together once the whole system is up and running. When you get so much information that includes a whole new terminology, you can't possibly remember it all. And as Karen said yesterday, things that she forgot, Gail or I might remember, and vica versa.

It was funny: Karen thought she was the oldest tech in this company - at 55. When I told her I am two years older than that, she was surprised, then also relieved, I think: there's hope that us 'old dogs' can stick together on this!!!

Wish me luck in this... I don't want to get too frustrated, as I really wanted to learn all this - honest!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Notes on Soup...

So J9...we tried that cheese soup I was telling you about last week. It was horrible. So scratch that one off the list. I'm still looking for a good cheese soup recipe though -- I'd love to get a recipe for something like the grilled cheese and tomato soup that they used to serve at the soup bar of the place where we used to eat lunch all the time when I worked in downtown Holland. So if anyone knows of a good cheese soup recipe, let me know!

More weekend surprises...

Okay, so it's no surprise trip to Ottawa (which, by the way, was pretty cool and definitely very creative of Steve... :), but we did make a trip into the city on Saturday to check out a car -- one that will be parked in our garage tomorrow night. It's a silver 2003 CR-V with only 32,500 miles (meaning it's still under warranty for a few more miles...). Considering that I've never gone out by myself in the 3 1/2 months we've lived here, you can imagine my excitement. Paul asked me the other day where I'll go first, and I quickly told him that I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. I've done some of my best work in the B&N coffee shop, and I miss it...

winterlicious to winterlude

So, I had a nice suprise this past weekend... steve tricked me into beleving that we were heading up to bellville this weekend to visit his friend. However, as we were passing the exit we should have been taking, and i was convinced we were past where we were supposed to go, i looked over to see steve with a sly grin on his face, saying that it was all okay. so, soon after, with me buggin' him, i found out we were heading up to ottawa!! very exciting!! we had a room at the hotel just about as close as you can get to the start of the canal, and a view that could see the canal and all the parliment buildings. it was awsome!! so, saturday night we skated the whole canel (almost 14km there at back) and then just walked across the street, and there we were at the hotel! sunday we walked around a bit, but there wasn't too much to see. i bet we had to drive or take a bus somewhere, but that was okay. we were enjoying being close to downtown and all the stuff to see.
the fun thing is, is that steve said he was actually looking into surprising me and heading to bc! crazy.. also, i don't think i'd like to go allthe way to bc just for a weekend... a whole week at least! :o)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


So, we took advantage of the winterlicious dinner deal last night. 3 course dinner for a set price thing. It was pretty fun. we went to Jump restuarant, down at the commerce court center. I'd have to say though, it was okay for the $30 we spent, but looking at the regular price menu, it was pretty ridculous! our meal probably would have cost over $55 each if we had got the same things.. yikes! but, it is fun to go out somewhere you usualy wouldn't.. i guess that's the point of these deals, ey? and the food was yummy. it's too bad the weather was so bad last night, it would have fun to walk around downtown for a bit... see all the sparkly lights, and all of that. :o)

On the job front - wendy found out that position i was thinking of applying for would be the leader of a group of 8!! here i was thinking 2 or 3, like how it is set up here.. but 8!! now i'm not sure if i'm glad i didn't apply, b/c that would be overwhelming, or not glad b/c it would have been great expereince.

anyways, back to work....

White roads

Well, the roads are all snowy again - not the dry ones we had a week ago for our trip to Columbus. I'm so glad we went when we did, because these driving conditions are totally different. It wouldn't be any fun today.

But what else can we expect... after all, it's still February. At least another month of these kinds of temperature fluctuations. You'd think we'd be used to it by now!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


We booked our flights yesterday for our upcoming vacation -- one that we both need in a major way.

Paul has to go to Arizona for a big Exact conference in a few weeks (he leaves on March 1st). This is his third time going -- and I've had to stay home every year because Exact frowns on bringing spouses along. This year, however, we've decided to take some time off after the conference. So I'm flying in on Saturday night, and we're going to take a week to explore the Southwest a bit. I have family in Scottsdale, where Paul will be, so we're going to see them on Sunday. Then we're going to wander past the Grand Canyon and spend the week in a hotel just off the Strip in Vegas.

The timing couldn't be better -- just when I'll be getting really sick of grey winter weather, we'll be able to head south and catch some rays for a few days. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Weekend with the folks

(late insert)

Mom and Dad came by for the weekend to see Columbus for the first time. We took them for a tour of the city and where I work. We also spent some time working around the house. Dad and I spent a fair amount of time installing an over head light in the bedroom and Jill & Mom spent some time making some home made pasta. We had some regular fettucini and some spinach flavoured fettucini.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New "Bloggie"

Mom has reminded me that I haven't added anything yet - so here it goes!

I heading out to the clinic soon - I don't have many patients booked, and it's not too cold outside, so I'll probably spend my afternoon in a local neighbourhood putting flyers in the mailboxes - I've got a few new patients that way, plus it's a nice walk.

In the winter I go kind of crazy making soup all the time-- Paul tells me that soup on it's own is not a meal :) - but add a grilled cheese sandwich and you're laughing. Today I tried a new Southwestern style black bean soup - yummy! (email me if you want the recipe - it calls for chipotle peppers, which I've never used before, and I actually added a bit much, so the soup is a bit hot hot).

Okay, time to start getting ready for work


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sick day...

well, i took today off as a sick day. After visiting my sister J9 and her telling me the white sores at the back of my throat were 'eew gross!' she nicely offered to wait with me as i got them checked out last night. not sure exactly what is wrong (they were supposed to call me today) i decided that i was a good reason to take a day off work. It is a slow week since most of the B2B marketing group is off, as well as my manager (guess i'm not making a very good intern-manager, ey?) but not it's almost 6pm and i've done next to nothing all day. there goes my plan of doign stuff around the house.. oh well, guess it'll have to wait till my next sick day! :o)

nothing else new to report. other than on my day off, i was searching the internet for my new cottage :o) well, i guess a house is the first step, but after than..cottage!! you know you can buy a few acres of waterfront land in muskoka for like 30k?? hum, it would be like 'hey,should we buy a new car, or 3 acres of waterfront land??" that's how andrea's parents did it. bought land up in tobermorry when they were little, and they tented it for a while, untill they slowly built up the cottage. now it's absolutly goregous and it's where they plan to retire.

well, back to being sick. :o)