Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is it Wednesday already??

It's been a crazy few days since we got home. After battling insane crowds in the Phoenix airport on Saturday (it was the beginning of Spring Break -- something we no longer know anything about -- and it meant we had to wait in line for over an hour, rush through security, and run to our gate, where they had to unlock the door to let us on the plane at the last minute), we arrived in Columbus on Saturday evening, only to be informed that our luggage would not be joining us. They said we'd get it by noon on Sunday -- unless we wanted to come back at 11 and pick it up. So we waited on Sunday...and we waited. And we finally got our stuff at 3:30. After the whole trip, I think we've decided that we won't be flying America West again anytime soon. I've never had so many things go wrong on one single trip.

Since we got back, we've been a little jet-lagged (we were getting up at 10 or so when we were in Vegas, which is 1 pm here -- and we never really ate until around 2, which is almost dinner time here). And we've been rushing to get caught up on all the stuff we missed. Paul is still trying to hire two new people at work (one of his employees had his last day last week, and another is gone after the end of the month). And I've been hit with my own crises this week. We've had some long work days already this week...

We had a great time on our trip, though. Sedona and the Grand Canyon were gorgeous (though that was a *really* long day -- we left at around 8:30, were in Sedona by around 10:30, made it to the Canyon around 3:30, and got to Vegas at 11 -- or 10 Vegas time). And Vegas was wonderful. We spent a ton of time wandering around, just *seeing* everything. I hadn't been there in about six years, and that's an eternity in Vegas time, so there was so much new stuff to see. And it was hot and sunny (85!), so we got to spend some time hanging out by the pool. Paul got to be one of the first people ever to go on a new ride at the Stratosphere. And I put a buck into the penny slot machines one night and ended up winning dinner. So it was a good trip all around. :)

So that's our latest... But for now, it's back to the grind...


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