Monday, March 28, 2005

Thanks! :)

Thanks for sending the videos yesterday! It was great to see everyone -- if only in pixels.

We had a pretty quiet Easter (though it was a welcome break from the usual insanity). We didn't do our Easter grocery shopping until Saturday night, which meant that there were a few things that were completely out of stock -- so we had to improvise a bit. After church, we put our 12-lb. (!!) ham in the oven ( was the smallest one left on Saturday night). Then we went for a walk to the park by the middle school down the street. When we got back, we finished dinner (green bean casserole, twice-baked potatoes -- complete with fresh-grown chives, rolls, and a cake). Once the ham was ready (three hours later...), we ate (and ate). Then we watched a long movie (the second Harry Potter) while munching on chocolate Easter bunnies, and that was about it. Lots of relaxing.

Saturday was a busier day. We spent quality time at Lowe's, shopping for yard stuff. Paul dug up the wood chips in the place where the trampoline used to be and planted some grass seed. It's only the first in a long line of yard projects coming up, but it was also the most important one. The grass should start growing in a couple of weeks, though Paul is convinced that they're special seeds that he planted, so it should be sprouting any day now... ;)


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